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I appropriated a poem originally written to Nina Simone by Langston Hughes in my status I could relate to it so much!

Until now it was unattributed and I feel like it was to some extent, if not explicitly, plagiarism. I'd like to right that.

wow thank you coke gaming for the TEN THOUUUUSAND BITS

an important #hahayeah programming update for you..

after this sunday's episode, haha yeah is taking a brief break for the holidays! we'll be back with season 2 in 3-4 weeks, and will have some other cool haha yeah stuff to share in the meantime. but yeah this sunday is the finale of haha yeah season 1!! thank you for listening and we love you 💜

If I don't like beyonce am I really gay?




Trans dream 

oh shit I can set my gender for ad preferences to custom.
I wonder what targetted transfem ads look like and if they still include 50% tampon ads

always love regularly deleting ad data and seeing how google classifies me.
Apparently I'm married and a homeowner

really wish dreams were episodic and I had like a whole nother life going on down there


@selontheweb how do you do the folly for haha yeah are they real sounds effects or do you source them and just balance them?

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