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I appropriated a poem originally written to Nina Simone by Langston Hughes in my status I could relate to it so much!

Until now it was unattributed and I feel like it was to some extent, if not explicitly, plagiarism. I'd like to right that.

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Told a white mom about what a US Territory is, Puerto Rico's economy, and American imperialism.


well this is nice. I've discovered I can stan Mia Mulder instead of contrapoints now and my hipster brain can be even happier because she has less clout

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y'all I'm following tik tok influencers on youtube and it's wack because they are actually struggling to multiplatform but like they are actually really interesting people with really cool thoughts and things



Ex military training instructor makes a stink about never using work computers to look at even a single meme, EVER work 100% of the time you're seated or it's theft.
Except I've seen him in class snickering looking at his phone when we are doing tests

"Ew, I'd rather kiss a frog," the princess cried.

The prince tried not to look hurt, but it was quite a harsh rejection.

"I'll prove it!" the princess insisted, snatching up a hapless amphibian.

"That's a toad," the prince responded helplessly.

The princess planted her full lips right on its face; and the toad promptly transformed into a young lady, wearing not a stitch.

"I'm so glad you thought I was a frog," sighed the uncursed lady.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

*feels nonfemme about outfit today
*Gets compliment from first person I see walking into work and another compliment just now

*Feels better

wait wait wait ACAB isn't Assigned Cop at Birth?

You know where you are?



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