@I honestly I just got a bunch from Aerie that are pretty nice

@Pixley ty I like aerie! I can't go wrong with more of a good thing, was wondering what other brands were good too

@I My sister used to make them from t-shirt fabric and they were the absolute best ever, and now that she's too busy, I don't know where to find the good ones in stores anymore! May I boost this for more input?

Last year I ordered some from Uniqlo and Sock It To Me, and they're okay (the price was right) but not great quality, and their labels say they can't go in the dryer, which is really annoying. 😕

@twistylittlepassages oof that sucks about the dryer, the homemade ones sound really awesome though! They sound so comfortable.
Boost away!

@I I either get aerie when they're on sale or the multi packs from h&m are really good and comfy too.

@momjeans I was looking at HM but haven't tried them before and went with an aerie sale. I had apparently racked up points for a free bra too

@I oh hell yeah, I love their sales and a free bra is awesome!

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