@hyperlink that's what happened to me really when my egg cracked

the windows sandbox is nice... but it sucks

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the executive leading this project is so freaking american and southern and the exact opposite of me and I hate him so much everything he says I'm just like dang that is not so much yikes just so very masculine and american

I feel better after tea
I think that my favorite UI phrase is "Hamburger Menu"




Faith, sex 

@u oh I tried to read that and it was just too Gabriel Garcia Marquez for me I think. But u didn't give it a lot of time.
I liked Fiesta en la Madriguera though

Lewd ment, covid 

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yes I'm trans, yes I'm a girl, no I do not think that straight men being attracted to trans women is gay, but yes if I'm attracted to men it IS gay. got it

Amiges, estoy pidiendo libros en español porque estoy olvidando mi idioma 😕

Friends, any good Spanish books? I want to not forget my language.

I think what's happening to me is that thing where you praise a low wage employee and have them do tons of work but don't promote them or pay them more just have them do special projects now and again and tell them their awesome

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