League of Leggings:

Alexis Bledel joins an elite gaming team in this direct to TV spinoff. She is a DPS and plays mid

GMK Gregory I have no idea why this is selling for like 90 bucks

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“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

:blank: :blank: :blank: – Albert Einstein

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Classmate: I can move my scalp
Class: no way
Classmate: looks forward
His scalp begins rapidly and violently hurting forward them resetting backward as if his hair were to lunge of his head
Class: fucking screams
Teacher: anyway

@Cyborgneticz XD I bought the price of salt
I couldn't actually read it. It was a very very fanfic book. It was cute though

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If company are people too shouldn't PG&E be in jail for life?
(I think the board and C level should be in jail and the shareholders wiped out)

Bobbing up and down and blowing my cheeks at this lizard who is trying to take my home

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A neighborhood near me had a community garage sale yesterday and there is someone in the Nextdoor writing 367 words of her "post garage sale thoughts" about why no one came, and not one of the words is "pandemic"

mh, queer, humor, microaggression 

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i still really want to hear him reciting that AI generated Christmas carol:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,
with its red belly
The All-gracious King of all the earth,
Had a baby at Christmas time,
On Christmas Day,
A true and holy Deity,
Went down to earth,
With human flesh for sacrifice.

For sinful men such a Deity doth appear,
And wink and nod in reply,
As he winked and nod in reply,

The wretched world is run by ox and ass
And in vain build I.

I want to hear werner herzog whispering dirty sweet nothings in my ear about penguins

wishing I was jake the dog so I could just shapeshift

@hyperlink lest it be reatached... although knowing ol' CC 2 more will grow in it's place

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