Oh Maria Butina is in prison I wondered why her Instagram was quiet

article link, self analysis 

everyone is writing articles about instagram girls and authenticity. I should write some bs too about how in love with aesthetic I am


@fizzycola I deleted like 300k emails a few months ago

@nymph hugs! thank you for doing what you did!


@selontheweb do you listen to any cool podcasts that aren't your own?

@nymph maybe I'll make a(nther fucking) blog about hip spots in Orlando.

@nymph i wish there were more study spots in Orlando. I feel weird going to the same place twice in one week with my laptop to "work" because I hate bring at home.

@mxsiege can't wait to get my MXCJ certified kazoo in the mail

@mxsiege hmm I'm having trouble understanding. How much for a Skype lesson?


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