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Wondering what to get a bookworm as a gift? My friends, I recommend the page anchor!! I got it as a treat for myself a while ago and it finally arrived yesterday and wow oh wow do I love it. It basically is a bookmark that also holds books open and doesn't damage the pages or spine of the book 😱😱


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hi my mom just texted the family group chat completely unprompted with this video she made of my fursona

at what time do evening and afternoon kiss?

wait.... there are three types of rocks???

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I'm becoming the "boosting whatever hyperlink boosts" account

The fork
In the
Bage disposal

Don't ding ding d ding ding d ding ding

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Photos from last night (selfies, some ec) 

when hetero people need blueprints for how to be in a relationship

None of these tips are bad, it's just all of them together needing to be said and the trope of us making fun of hetero couple accidental memes

Hulu is 2 bucks a month.
Go make a new email and steal from a corporation!

I feel weird when I offend white people by making race jokes and then find myself apologising to them. it feels backward.

I always said "white women are my spirit animals" but this is weird haha

omg I feel called out. we have different clothing styles but their home decor is literally just my apartment like color palette and everything

okay wait it's not my fault... they have the same basic aesthetic and were actually wearing the same white knit jumper

went on the tube for some capitalist indulgence haul videos and found two people I literally thought were the same person for a second. I was like "why did this girl upload two of the same video within 3 days?"
I have so much trouble telling white people apart but I might just be face blind.

once again I will bring this up
The hug emoji: 🤗
is not a hug because the hands are backwards
It's a "coming for your tits" emoji

queer eye 

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